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Homo ludens

STUDIO OF THEATRE WITHOUT BORDERS, THEATRE FACULTY OF JAMU 20. 5. / 6.00 p.m. / 40 min Park Moravské náměstí GENRE: Open Air

A person playing is a being developing, discovering the world, through play. Freely, by choice. We each create our own world in private, then we enter the worlds of the people around us and together we create a public, interacting, playing world. Our worlds can be isolated and yet meet, connect and merge. Maybe just for a moment, maybe for a lifetime.
“Only there is the whole man where he plays.” Friedrich Schiller

Open air performance by Erasmus+ international students.

Cast (Erasmus+ students): Bernhardt Lili, Doyle Noah Terrence George, Fidelus Julia, Fuertes Arbizu Diego, Gašperanová Veronika, González Morgado José Joaquín, Hoffmann Marlene, Chomisteková Klaudia, Pérez Senabre Andrea, Skucińska Agata, Zomerdijk Jip

Costumes (Erasmus+ students): Carolina Villadóniga Díaz, Carmen Costales Galindo, María Costales Galindo

Production: 1st year student of Theatre Production at JAMU: Yelyzaveta Sytnychenko

Teaching and directing: Adéla Kratochvílová