Hamlet on the Road
Theatre Radost
Tuesday 24. 5. 2022
Theatre Radost – Main stage

Genre: Drama, Brno showcase
Running time: 2 hours, one intermission

For children from 12 years of age.

Subtitles in English

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The story of Hamlet is well known to all, his murdered father and his widowed mother who married his uncle. The story also tells of the unfortunate Ophelia, her brother Laertes and their father. Adapted and performed by a quirky itinerant troupe and their puppets in an ancient translation. All the famous monologues are sung with original musical accompaniment. It is a truly strange company of players, one of their members is even a gravedigger! The actors immerse themselves in their roles so much that they eventually succumb to the murderous madness of one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedies. Radost Theatre presents Hamlet in a slightly different way: as a grim musical inspired by the poetry of fairground puppeteers.

According to William Shakespeare

Director: Joanna Zdrada

Script, lyrics, dramaturgy: Pavel Trtílek

Story: Pavel Hubička

Music: Tomasz Lewandovski

Movement cooperation and battles: Petr Nůsek

Puppet animation: Zdeněk Ševčík


Starring: František Herz, Dalibor Dufek, Barbora Dobišarová, Kateřina Höferová, Vilém Čapek, Jiří Skovajsa, Teodor Dlugoš, Martin Cenek