The Mad Hercules
JAMU – Studio Marta
Wednesday 25. 5. 2022
Studio Marta

Genre: Drama, Brno showcase, Antiquity
Running time: 1 hour and 25 minutes, no intermission

Subtitles in English

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Not God, not man. Demigod: A mythical hero. Something between a gift and a destiny. An inner potential that wants to develop. Strength, violence, work. And work increases, one by one, ambition grows, and he doesn’t look back, he wants to keep going. Not to stop, not to see your children grow up, not to be a slave to your origin. And justify it all somehow. Feeding your own myth, chasing glory, straight to the heavens and Father Jupiter. To touch death, and conquer it. To laugh at death and rise above life. Take the trophy, outwit time. What else? Are there any boundaries? And what if you crossed them a long time ago? Madness comes easily in time, but how to cope with its consequences?

Author: Seneca

Translation: Daniela Čadková

Director: Roman Gombarček

Dramaturgy: Jana Uhýrková

Set design: Tereza Jančová

Costumes: David Severa

Music: Dominik Suchý

Lighting: Judita Mejstříková

Light: Anna Juráková

Sound: Jiří Kubalec

Movement cooperation: Adam Mašura

Production: Pavel Uhřík, Barbora Anna Lebánková


Starring: Tereza Havránková, Milana Gorská, Eliška Jechová, Tomáš Slabiňák, Jan Valeš, Adam Kořán, Daniel Gajdoš