Les Antliaclastes, France
Saturday 28. 5. 2022
Theatre Radost – Main stage

Running time: 55 minutes, no intermission

For children from age of 12.

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An alchemist puppet operetta, set in the belly of a giant whale. The magical story of searching for one’s self and a meeting of three characters from different worlds – the biblical Jonah, Pinocchio and Melville’s Captain Ahab. The magic of transformation is symbolized by the mysterious ambergris, a substance which is spat out by the whale, so that the gray lump floating on the surface takes on a rare aroma. The French puppet company, Les Antliaclastes, presents a very unique production combining puppets, masks and special technical devices with original music. Almost without words, they create incredible images reminiscent of Jan Švankmajer’s films or the work of the Forman brothers.

Direction, set, puppets: Patrick Sims

Masks, puppets: Joséphine Biereye

Costumes: Camille Lamy

Construction and mechanics of the scene: Richard Penny, Nicolas Hubert

Sound design: Karine Dumont

Light design: Sophie Barraud, Jean Grison


Starring: Karine Dumont, Patrick Sims, Nicolas Hubert, Richard Penny