Cirk La Putyka, Prague
Sunday 29. 5.2022
City Theatre Brno – Music Theatre

Genre: Dance, Czech, Children
Running time: 1 hour and 10 minutes, no intermission

For children ages of 7 and up.

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Circus La Putyka, a leading neo-circus ensemble, is no newcomer to the Theatre World Festival Brno. This year, they bring to Brno one of their latest productions, Runners, which is remarkable for its atypical format. Apart from acrobatics; dance, spoken word, singing and live music also play an important role in this production by directors, Rostislav Novák Jr. and Vít Neznal and by the choreographer, Dora Sulženko Hoštová. The dominant feature of the performance is a huge treadmill, which is the main design element, with “runners” telling their stories. Stories about life in running, eternal catching up and overtaking, performance, escape, stress, stops and falls and the grand finale of the race against time.

Directed by, Concept: Rostislav Novák jr., Vít Neznal

Choreography: Dora Sulženko Hoštová

Dramaturgy: Petr Erbes, Viktor Černický

Set: Pavla Kamanová

Costumes: NoN Grata, Mikuláš Brukner

Music: Jan Čtvrtník, Veronika Linhartová

Lighting: Jiří (Zewll) Maleňák

Sound design: Jan Středa


Starring: Ethan Law, Viktor Černický, Sabina Bočková, Dora Sulženko Hoštová, Jan Čtvrtník, Veronika Linhartová, Aneta Bočková, Filip Zahradnický, Marc Brillant, Jakub Ruschka, Terezie Kovalová, Šárka Říhová, Daniel Hajtl