The Blue Ball

Ivoire Marionnettes

Thursday 21. 5. 2020


Zelný trh (Vegetable Market)

Genre: Puppets, Ivory Coast

Length of performance: 45 min without an interval

A street performance with giant puppets for all generations. In French with a translantation into Czech.


“A puppet performance about tolerance and mutual understanding between people, performed by an ensemble from the Ivory Coast.”

Ivoire Marionnettes is a theatre phenomenon from the Ivory Coast. These talented young puppeteers from Abidjan represent the top puppet theatre in West Africa. They have also established themselves at various festivals in Europe, and particularly in France. Last year they won the Gold Medal at the prestigious Francophone Games for the second time. This was for, among other things, their last performance La Boule Bleue (The Blue Ball), which features the giant puppets that are the speciality of the ensemble and which will enchant spectators of all generations. The story is simple: One day, a large blue ball appeared in infinite space. It felt lonely. Therefore, the creator inhabited it with people of different colours. However, these people spoke thousands of languages and each of them wanted to take over some of the space and keep it just for themselves. The blue ball decided it had had enough of all the disputes and so woke up its senses. Its eyes, ears, mouth and nose thought together about how to solve the situation. And they got an idea of giving a new language to people, one which they could use to really communicate with each other. And that’s how both the variety and solidarity among people were born.

The performance has won the hearts of viewers in Africa and Europe through its unconventional portrayal of the humanistic message of tolerance and mutual understanding. Now, spectators in the Czech Republic will also get to see it for the first time.

Theme: Soro Badrissa

Script and direction: Luis Marquès

Music: Abou Bassa

Choreography: Goualy Rachelle

Puppet concept: Soro Badrissa

Puppet production: Soro Badrissa a Koro Souleymane

Costumes: Koro Souleymane

Cast: Goualy Rachelle, Koro Souleymane, Soro Badrissa, Kouassi Desirée, Yeple Toussaint, Kamagaté Adama, Gomene Stéphane