Thursday 21. 5. 2020


Brno City Theatre – Music Theatre

Genre: Dance/Motion, Czech Republic

Length of performance: 1 hour 10 min without an interval

The choreography of Panthera allows five outstanding international dancers to excel in a story inspired by the fascinating but also frightening history of mankind. The history of Homo sapiens, an intelligent, strong, but also incredibly cruel creature.


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Our leading contemporary dance ensemble 420PEOPLE needs no introduction. Every premiere draws connoisseurs of dance like a moth to a flame, and always promises a quality experience. In the autumn of 2019, the co-founder of the ensemble and choreographer in one, Václav Kuneš, introduced a new production, Panthera, for which he was inspired by the bestseller by Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind.  The author relates within it, in a very distinctive manner, the fascinating but also frightening history of the human species. Kuneš does not describe this history exactly as it is portrayed in the book, but he creates scenes in which he meditates on the causes and consquences of human evolution. Man, as an intelligent beast of prey, beside which other species have no chance, a lurking predator, but also a creature that can communicate and find a way out of the vicious circle of aggression in relationships.

Choreography: Václav Kuneš a tanečníci
Music: Jan Šikl

Scenography: Hynek Dřízhal
Costumes: Olo Křížová
Rigging: Jan Kohout
Lifhting design: Michal Kříž
Masks: Jan Picko

Dancers: Francesca Amante, Fanny Barroquère, Veronika Tököly, Viktor Konvalinka, Filip Staněk

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