Shakespeare´s Car Wash on Garden Street

Örkény Színhás

Tuesday 26. 5.


Mahen Theatre

Genre: Drama, Hungary  

Length of performance: 2 hours 40 min with an interval

For spectators from 16 years of age. Stroboscope, sound effects, explicit violence and vulgarity.

Shakespeare undressed. An enchanting and completely contemporary adaptation of the most famous love story set against the backdrop of a real car wash in a remote street in Budapest. Romeo and Juliet lost in a world of rudeness and vulgarity. A bizarre road movie or a tragedy from contemporary society?

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Renowned Hungarian director Viktor Bodó, together with the poet and writer Péter Závada, have created an original and at first sight provocative adaptation of Shakespeare´s famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet which is, above all, a very raw and alarming portrayal of the living reality of contemporary Hungarian society. The newly created work is full of coarseness and vulgarity, and yet there is a desire to discover somewhere inside the pieces of an almost lost world of great feelings and deeds which one can sacrifice literally everything to. The production takes place at the frantic pace of some kind of strangely grotesque road movie that you will enjoy so much it will send chills down your spine. Just like Shakespeare can still achieve today.

A message from the production team to spectators: 

“Our clairvoyance is undeniable; our intentions are precise and deep in content. It can thus happen that during the play a corpse and the freezing of a corpse may appear, along with bones, vomiting, spitting, nudity, a brawl, a snippet from an adult movie, broken fingers, the use and spreading of drugs, the mixing of poison, flag burning (oh yes, sorry, not that). And the word Jew will be heard once, the word Gypsy once, there will be smoke, a stroboscope, loud music, frightening sound effects, chaos, dirt and many litres of artificial blood.”

Authors: William Shakespeare a kol.

Script: Péter Závada na motivy tragédie Romeo a Julie

Direction: Viktor Bodó

Dramaturgy: Sára Gábor, Tamás Turai

Set: Zita Schnábel

Costumes: Fruzsina Nagy

Music: Gábor Keresztes, Árpád Kákonyi

Movement support: Éva Duda

Sound design: Gábor Keresztes

Lighting design: Tamás Bányai

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