The History of Theatre World Brno

The Theatre World Brno festival is an important international theatre showcase and one of the three largest theatre festivals in the Czech Republic. With its constant effort to attain European quality standards, the festival plays an essential role in bringing culture to the general public and contributes to an increase in the demand for such culture on the domestic arts scene. The selection of productions on offer allows spectators to view performances right here that they would otherwise have to travel to see, sometimes even abroad.
Over the last few years, the festival has always hosted more than 50 productions.


The range of productions on offer

In 2015, National Theatre Brno was appointed as the main organizer of the festival by the statutory City of Brno. With this step, the dramaturgical team behind the festival acquired the long-term aim of creating prestigious festivals featuring progressive theatre pieces and international participation.

The festival organizers have long aimed to bring to Brno the best of what Czech ensembles have to offer, and most of all productions by foreign creative artists and ensembles. These are gaining ever greater positive acceptance from the public thanks to the use of subtitles. Czech ensembles are invited to the event under the condition that their appearance will be exclusive to Theatre World Brno in the given festival year.

The range of performances on offer at the festival is not limited only to the drama genre; visitors can also see dance, motion and musical drama productions. After receiving very positive feedback in previous years, the dramaturgical team have also striven to provide a quality selection of performances suitable for young people and families with children (through repeated cooperation with the DRAK Theatre in Hradec Králové, the Small Theatre in České Budějovice and the Naive Theatre in Liberec).

The variety, richness and high quality of the productions by the addressed ensembles, which place the festival on the same level as other important international cultural events, is not just maintained by the dramaturgical committee – there is a constant effort to raise the bar even higher.


The organizers

An important asset of the Theatre World Brno festival is the cooperation which takes place between the individual theatres in Brno. During the festival they cease to be competitors, and are transformed into partners both with regard to the planning of which productions to offer as well as matters concerned with organization and the making of practical arrangements for guest performances.

National Theatre Brno collaborates with other Brno theatres in the preparation of the festival. As in previous years, the co-organizers of the festival are the Centre for Experimental Theatre (Goose on a String Theatre), Brno City Theatre and Polárka Theatre. Apart from these institutionalized theatres, the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno and its musical/drama laboratory the Orlí Street Theatre are also significantly involved in the festival preparations.

Thanks to this tried-and-tested cooperation, the festival has a large number of different types of theatre spaces available, which positively supports the variety of options the dramaturges have when selecting individual productions. This joining of forces creates an ideal network of theatre infrastructure that is exceptional in this country, which is particularly thanks to the advanced technical facilities on hand for all types of theatre productions.

In an effort to get as close as possible to the audience, creative use of external spaces suitable for this purpose is also made when planning and giving performances.

Thanks to the positive feedback from previous years of the festival that were organized by National Theatre Brno, other entities involved in the city’s cultural life have shown an interest in collaboration with regard to the festival, and thanks to this the potential for the event to develop has increased.  Similarly, more and more theatres and creatives have become interested in taking part in the festival, which increases its prestige both in the Czech Republic and abroad.