Information about tickets


Early Bird ticket purchases

Until 21st March 2020 you have the opportunity to purchase tickets with a discount of 25% for all performances.


Purchase of tickets with the Festival Pass

Get a 25% discount when purchasing tickets for 4 or more different festival performances.


How does the Theatre World Brno Festival Pass work?

You have absolute freedom to choose whichever performances, dates, seats and numbers of tickets you want. The only condition you have to fulfil is the purchase of tickets for a minimum of 4 different festival performances, i.e. at least one ticket for each of them. If you want more tickets, you are not limited in any way. You can also change individual dates if required in accordance with the valid conditions stipulated by National Theatre Brno for the exchange of tickets.


Price of the Theatre World Brno Festival Pass

The price is calculated from the current prices of tickets which you have selected at a given time. When you reach the minimum number of tickets to get the Festival Pass (4 different events with at least one ticket for each of them), the discount of -25% from the whole sum will be calculated. The discount is not cumulative with other discounts, such as those for senior citizens, students/children, handicapped persons, etc.


We will be happy to help you with the purchase of the Theatre World Brno Festival Pass at the National Theatre Brno Customer Centre at 11 Dvořákova Street.


For more information:, +420 542 158 120

How can I get a discount when buying tickets using a FESTIVAL PASS?

The main organiser of the Theatre World Brno festival is National Theatre Brno, so the sale of tickets takes place through the theatre in cooperation with the Colosseum Tickets online reservation system. After clicking on the “Buy tickets” button you will be redirected to the National Theatre Brno website (via a new window), which will display the seats in the auditorium which are currently available for you to reserve. Choose the seat(s) most suitable for you, and add it (them) to the “shopping basket”. To get a discount it’s necessary to buy tickets for at least four performances simultaneously, i.e. via the same transaction.

Warning! We don’t recommend clicking on the “Back to the programme” button or even “Add other items”, as this will take you to the full programme of current National Theatre Brno performances rather than to the Theatre World Brno 2020 festival.

Instead, to add other performances from the festival to your shopping basket please use the original window with the festival performances on offer at the Theatre World Brno festival website (, where you can choose another performance and then click on “Buy tickets” again.

The reservation system will remember the earlier reservations you placed in your shopping basket for 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about cancelling your shopping by accidentally shutting one of the windows. As soon as you’ve added at least 4 different performances to your shopping basket, the discount will be calculated automatically and displayed for you to see.

As soon as you add at least 4 different performances to your cart, the discount will be automatically calculated and displayed immediately. You can then complete the purchase of tickets in the usual way without complications.