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The Brides

ALDENTE THEATRE 28. 5. / 9.00 p.m. / 1 h Goose on a String Theatre / Provazek court GENRE: CZ, Drama tickets

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The discount for seniors is 30%.
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Brides from Erben’s Bouquet in a poetic-grotesque style accompanied by a male band. The young girls sit together and dream: soon they will become bright white brides and then there is only a beautiful future them! And the mother/Mother has no choice but to watch the girls dream with love, hope and fear. But the motif of guilt and punishment is Erben’s favourite – and the consequences can be cruel…

Erben’s The Bouquet is full of female heroines for whom life prepares numerous pitfalls and fate is often merciless.
The Aldente Theatre is full of young actors with Down syndrome who long for love with a happy ending.
The production borrows “Erben’s Brides” from The Bouquet and fights for their fates, believing that love can be stronger than punishment.

Erben blends Christian elements with pagan ones; Aldente Theatre’s production marries a fragile poetic imaginery with grotesque images and rock music.

The performance has three acts:

1. Growing up (the author’s part with the motif of Erben’s brides)
2. Christmas Eve
3. The Wedding Shirt (The Ghost Bride)

Based on the ballads of Karel Jaromír Erben

Script and direction: Jitka Vrbková

Music: Jan Kyncl

Choreography: Kristýna Kučerová, Jitka Vrbková

Stage design: Jitka Vrbková a Kateřina Dvořáková

Costumes: Kateřina Dvořáková

Cast: Martin Polišenský, Antonín Měkota, Martin Kříž, Eliška Vrbková, Hana Bartoňová, Monika Pekařová, Kristýna Kučerová, Zuzana Procházková, David Tchelidze

Band: Jan Kyncl, Vít Karlas, Vít Kyncl, Štěpán Kyncl, Vojtěch Vrbka