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Hugo’s World

BRATISLAVA PUPPET THEATRE / SK 23. 5. / 4.30 p.m. / 50 min Brno City Theatre / Drama Theatre GENRE: Foreign, Children

For children from 3 years up


Hugo didn’t get lost, Hugo is wandering. He is five years old and walks around the world, although he hasn’t moved. The world belongs to Hugo, and the world is in Hugo. He doesn’t know, he doesn’t know where what will happen, but something will definitely happen. He turns once to the right and finds joy, then to the left and discovers fear, he just stands there bored for a moment, and then he angrily hops backwards, forwards, sideways and back on one leg. Come wander along with Hugo and find out what it’s like to ride a motorcycle, why he doesn’t like soldiers and what older brothers, bored frogs, African elephants or unpredictable foxes are like. Hugo does not plan and experiences. Hugo does not seek but finds. Experience Hugo’s “here and now” in a contact performance full of charming sounds and puppets, where everything is at your fingertips. Including aliens.

The production is inspired by the private notes of Hugo from Pezinok, who was four years old when taking them.

Librettist and director: Jiří Adámek Austerlitz

Translation, dramaturgy: Peter Galdík

Dramaturgical collaboration: Petra Zichová

Set, props and costume design: Veronika Svobodová

Music and sound design: Michal Cáb

Light design: Jan Komárek

Cast: Michal Adam, Frederika Kašiarová, Róbert Laurinec, Margaréta Nosáľová, René Sorád, Lukáš Tandara, Ivana Lechmanová g.a.