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Long, Broad and Sharpsight

POLÁRKA THEATRE IN COPRODUCTION WITH TWB 26. 5. / 4.30 p.m. / 1 hod 30 min Björnson orchad GENRE: CZ, Children, Coproduction, Site-specific

Suitable for children from 4 years


If one has to look for a princess, make it worth it!
Journeys can be dangerous, mysterious and adventurous, and only someone truly brave, like Prince Louis, would dare to take them. But alas, Prince Ludwig is anything but brave. When the cat meows outside, he’ll grab onto his mother’s skirt and need the help of not only Long, Broad and Sharpsight, but especially you on his dangerous journey to find the princess! Save Prince Ludwig!
An interactive theatre walk for families with children aged four and up, based on Karel Jaromír Erben’s classic fairy tale about how we can do many things if we help each other. With the help of the parent, the child spectator is actively drawn into the story and influences the plot, the parent is present throughout the performance.

The project “NdB develops creative learning” (reg. number: 0213000140) is supported by the European Union.

Direction: Monika Jelínková, Marie Bravencová

Dramaturgy: Karolina Ondrová

Stage design, puppets: Barbora Čechová

Stage design assistent, costumes: Lucie Herzogová

Music: Zdeněk Král

Cast: Vít Malecha, Matěj Záhořík, Jarda Tomáš nebo Tibor Kotlár, Petr Theodor Pidrman, Ivana Klimešová, Tereza Chvátalová, Iveta Kocifajová a Marie Klemensová