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The Chorus

JAMU 23. 5. / 7.00 p.m. / 50 min Orlí Street Theatre GENRE: CZ, Dance, Brno showcase




Possibility to obtain a quantity discount of -25%.
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The discount for seniors is 30%.
The discount for disabled persons and students is 50%.
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The origins of European theatre are inherently linked to the chorus. Its tasks and the layers it created were varied and important. A fundamental step and change in the development of the theatre was the singling out of one actor to enter into dialogue with the chorus. Aeschylus later added a second actor to the first, Sophocles a third. Gradually, more and more were excluded from the chorus, and the role of the chorus itself diminished. Thus the history of the theatre progressed. Over 2,500 years later, the chorus was eventually all eliminated and the chorus ceased to exist. In theatrical form, but also in terms of the structure of society. In the production of The Chorus, the individual is integrated back into the chorus. The Chorus is being created again. The individual ceases to be for a little while, he loses himself. And so, among and together with the other individuals, he can once again question (through word, rhythm, movement, object) who he is and what place he has in the choir.

The performers are students of the Physical Theatre Studio of the DF JAMU. Each of them is different, has a different interest, goal, gifts. There are beginning authors, directors, actors, dancers, therapists. It is not a homogeneous, unambiguously graspable and nameable group of, for example, actors or musicians. And that is what makes them an ideal choir, a small sample of society.

Direction: Med a Prach / Andrej Kalinka, Milan Kozánek

Author of music, libretto: Andrej Kalinka

Choreography: Milan Kozánek

Stage design: Matěj Prokop

Costumes: Petra Prchlíková

Cast: Lucie Faltusová, Jiřina Krásová, Kristýna Kučerová, Viktória Anna Lesayová, Aneta Navrátilová, Ema Poliaková, Matěj Pour, Barbora Šimová, Barbora Türkmen Šoganová, Monika Štolcová, Prokop Štěpánek