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The Grandma: Is There Nothing More of the Good Old Lady?

POLÁRKA THEATRE 23. 5. / 7.00 p.m. / 1 h 30 min Polárka Theatre / Big stage GENRE: CZ, Children, Brno Showcase

Suitable for children from 11 years
Subtitles in English language


Emily flies with a drone, Annie fled a war on a wheelbarrow, Marushka ironed even socks and Marcelle turned into an angel. What do they have in common? They are our grandmothers. Just like Magdalena. ‘Madla’ used to live modestly in Old Bleach, and did not hesitate to pick up the tiniest feather she saw.

It might have been a feather of a cock, a domestic fowl.
Who, too, has its foremother—a wild fowl from the Orient.
In Old Bleach, the cock woke up everyone every morn.
Not only Madla, but also her grandchildren: Barunka, Jan, Vilem and Adelka.
Most importantly, the cock woke up the Sun.
The granny died; the Sun is still here.
And cocks as well.

The Grandmother by Božena Němcová was read by our grandmothers, the grandmothers of our grandmother, and it continues to be read by us today. However, nobody can bring the Granny from Old Bleach back to life. What is left of her today? We all are somebody’s grandchildren.

Director: Tereza Karpianus

Dramaturge: Alžběta Michalová

Set designer: Petra Vlachynská

Music: David Smečka

Cast: Petr Hanák, Denisa Cupáková, Kateřina Francová, Vít Malecha, David Smečka