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The Visitors

V.O.S.A. THEATRE 22. 5. / 9.00 p.m. / Length to be specified Zelný trh – Reduta Theatre GENRE: Open Air

Accept our invitation to an original “walk on the seabed” in the depths of the ocean, as deep as the whales sing. This unique open air theatre installation combines the world of theatre and visual arts with modern technology. Glowing puppets of sea animals and creatures of the night – in daylight they are inconspicuous and only in the dark do they shine in all their glory. We fly to the stars, we observe distant galaxies, but have we really got to know all the inhabitants of our planet and treat them with respect? The luminous inhabitants of the underwater world are lit up by 6.5 km of optical fibres and 3,500 addressable LED lights.
The visitors are a project of six-metre-long luminous puppets from the V.O.S.A. workshop. Theatre, Blackout Pardox and LightLab.