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Hearing the Scream of New Voices – Work in Progress

LETÍ THEATRE 26. 5. / 2.30 p.m. / 1 hod Káznice GENRE: CZ, Work in progress, Coproduction , Site-specific tickets

Showcase workshop with Italian performer, director and author Eva Geatti, part of the two-year European project Fabulamundi: New Voices, in which Letí Theatre in collaboration with Theatre World Brno is preparing an immersive production involving six authors and four directors of the young generation. Work in progress will present one of the many methods that the young creators encountered during the preparation of the production for 2025 and will present the result of an intensive three-day work in the Káznice space under the guidance of Eva Geatti and dramaturge Kateřina Součková.

Geography of the Gut is a performance of Eva Geattii’s original method, which consists of self-creation and mental geography. Self-creation represents an individual’s effort to maintain a fixed position in time while searching for spontaneous and original movement. The individual learns to perceive every part of his body, including the internal organs, without resorting to automatism, and practices the perception of the body as a machine. Mental geography is an exercise in which the individual, in constant motion, does not stop in narrative (memories, hallucinations, experiences, discoveries, images, dreams) and tries to transfer his thoughts to the body, to the depth of his organs. In the spaces of the Preachery, the workshop will also deal with the relationship between the human being and the environment that affects him.

Eva Geatti (*1981) is an Italian author, director, performer and scenographer. In 2003 she founded Cosmesi Theatre Company, with which she has presented her work at many national and international festivals, including Santarcangelo, Drodesera and Short Theatre. She currently teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.