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Trojan Women

ŠVANDOVO THEATRE 28. 5. / 6.00 p.m. / 1 h 10 min Studio Marta GENRE: CZ, Drama, Antique tickets

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If Helen of Troy won Miss World, would she wish for world peace? A contemporary game inspired by the ever-repeating history.

While men are settling accounts with the past, women are losing their future. For ten years, they lived trapped within the walls of a walled city. The walls are being torn down and a new prison is being prepared for the Trojan women. They are torn from their homes and thrown into a culture whose language they do not speak. They fell asleep one night as wives and mothers and woke up the next morning as widows. A war that belongs to men, through the eyes of women who have to cope with its consequences. A new play inspired by ancient motifs and the fate of real women, from whom war has taken everything they had taken for granted. Because one king lost his queen, all women lost their husbands. Trojan Women borrows motifs from Greek mythology, but instead of noble families, it turns its attention to ordinary people, giving individual voice to those who in Euripides are only part of a nameless chorus. The production follows the fate of three women on the threshold of a new life in a strange land. The first tries to use the possibility of an unfamiliar world to her advantage, the second makes friends with the enemy in the interest of survival, while the third is faced with failing to live up to the image society expects of her.

Author a dramaturgy: David Košťák

Direction: Anna Turlo

Stage design: Ruslana Basenko

Costumes: Olena Zahrebina

Music: Martin Šimek

Assisten of direction: Blanka Popková

Cast: Anna Grundmanová, Anežka Šťastná, Marie Štípková, Jan Grundman