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I’m Done Baking

THE GOOSE ON A STRING THEATRE AND STUDIO 60+ 24. 5. / 6.00 p.m. / 1 h 20 min The Goose on a String Theatre / Provazek cellar GENRE: CZ, Drama, Brno showcase tickets

Possibility to obtain a quantity discount of -25%.
Regular NdB discounts can be applied to tickets.
The discount for seniors is 30%.
The discount for disabled persons and students is 50%.
Discounts are not to be combined.

They are slow, unless holding a shopping cart. They hide money under the mattress, saving on burial expenses. They believe in hoaxes. And keep on forwarding hoax emails. They buy cooking pots from door-to-door sellers, but never really use them so as not to damage them. Leading lonely lives, they tend to criticise the ways other people live. They see their doctor even when they feel fine. They vote for populist parties, hoping to see their pensions increase again. They live from taxes paid by younger generations. They incessantly complain about something. And are always done baking. Grandmothers and grandfathers. Pensioners. Retired persons. Elders. Biddies and codgers. Geronts. Ancients.

The Studio 60+ amateur senior ensemble, which was founded in January 2023 as a branch of the Goose on a String, allows its members meet numerous artists related to this Brno-based theatre. And the theatre’s scope of topics can be broadened by those who are often ignored.
The Studia 60+ members accomplish their first year of activity by staging their own play depicting an ‘average senior’ which they immediately rip up into portraits of diverse and unique individuals. Those people who are forced to keep up with the furiously changing society. Grannies. Granddads. Elders. Geronts. Ancients. In what ways do our own and other people’s prejudices affect our life? Is it still appropriate to come up on stage at such an advanced age? By the way, once retired, will the Depeche Mode members also listen to brass band music?!?

Script and direction: Tereza Volánková and Marie Klemensová

Script and dramaturgy: Veronika Onheiserová

Set design: Johana Kubincová

Cast: Ivana Daňhelová, Hana Josefína Hledíková, Helena Jasyčková, Eva Kolaříková, Jiří Priesnitz, Eva Svitálková, Zbyněk Sviták, Libuše Šuleřová, Marcela Vrbová, Marie Zdubová