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Love, Defiance and Death

SLOVÁCKÉ THEATRE 25. 5. / 6.00 p.m. / 1 h 10 min Reduta Theatre GENRE: CZ, Drama

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The renowned director, playwright, composer, musician and art theorist Emil František Burian (1904-1959), founder of the avant-garde theatre D 34 and a pioneer of choral recitation with musically stylized and distinctly rhythmic speech, called voiceband, often used non-dramatic subjects in his productions – he was close to folk poetry, for example. In his “poetic” theatre, he developed into distinctly sound and light-image productions e.g. Mácha’s Máj or a montage of folk poetry from Erben, known as Vojna. It was the response to it that gave František Halas and Vladimír Holan the impetus to compile the anthology of folk poetry Love and Death. The collection later became the basis for another stage montage by E. F. Burian entitled Love, Defiance and Death (1946). This folk play forms a thematic arc from the eternal longing of young people of all times for love, through defiance as an expression of man’s pride in the face of humiliation, to a courageous dialogue with death as a righteous mirror of human conscience; thus approaching the well-known medieval morality play Everyman (Whoever). A thrilling love story performed in the form of “synthetic theatre”, combining musical, acting and visual components, it will be staged as a stage montage of folk poetry by Emil František Burian in a region where tradition is a truly living legacy.

Musical arrangement and instrumentation: Josef Fojta

Musical arrangement: Josef Fojta

Vocal arrangement: Petr Svozílek

Stage design: Juraj Poliak

Costumes: Katarína Holková

Dramaturgy: Miro Dacho

Lighting design: Tomáš Příkrý

Direction: Lukáš Brutovský

Cast: Pavlína Hejcmanová, Kateřina Michejdová, Klára Vojtková, Tereza Novotná, Jitka Hlaváčová, Natálie Rašín, Jiří Hejcman , Pavel Hromádka, Pavel Šupina, David Vaculík, Daniel Gajdoš, Martin Vrtáček

Actors of the transformation: Milada Špendlíková or Eva Gazárková, Vlastimil Kamrla or Vlastimil Skála or Jiří Krkoška

Band: Renata Smetková or Klára Šenkyříková (flute), Marek Kotača or Zdeněk Marušák (clarinet, saxophone), Ondřej Mot’ka or Pavel Skopal Jr. (trumpet), Jakub Zívalík or Jaroslav Broža (trombone), Jan Laník or Josef Fojta (keyboards)